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Hello, I’m Dominic and welcome to TheatreThoughts.com. Thanks for taking time to visit, I hope you find something of use, whether it’s a review, interview, or a musing of mine.

I started the blog simply as a way of recording my thoughts of theatre I’d seen and to keep a log of my theatre studies, as I did a distance learning degree in Theatre Studies at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance.

Since I started it, its grown and grown and now read by thousands all over the world. I update it a few times a month and have had a few guests write reviews and posts for it.

As you’ll see I have a fairly eclectic theatrical taste and I’m not afraid to try something different. I do however have strong opinions on theatrical things and I’m not afraid to share those.

I’ve experience on stage as an actor, recently playing Moon in Tom Stoppard’s The Real Inspector Hound and Joe in Shelagh Stephenson’s The Long Road. 

I’ve also been a professional magician (see www.magicdominick.org for info) for the last 9 years and have acted as consultant on several theatrical productions that have require magical effects within them. I’ve also served as a director for several magicians acts too.

I’m also putting the finishing touches to my first play and hope to find a theatre that will want to put it on, I’ve also a few scripts at draft stage that I will give my attention to soon.

I’m a member of EquityThe Terence Rattigan Society, friend of Cardboard Citizens. I’m also the Little Theatre Guild Rep for my local theatre – The Miller Centre Theatre Caterham.

Some of my most read posts are:

1) My review of Sarah Kane’s Blasted at the Lyric Hammersmith in 2010.

2) My review of the RSC’s The Tempest in April 2012 caused the greatest number of comments on any post of mine.

3) My reviews of Love Nevers Dies – Version 1, 2 and 3 are still being read regularly.

4) As you go through the archive you’ll see I only introduced star ratings at the end of 2011, my thoughts and reasons behind star ratings are on this page.

5) I enjoy theatre in all its forms – such as Opera, Ballet, Musicals, Classics, New Writing, and Circus.

There is a search function in the right-hand column on my blog and a list of categories should you want to search for something specific.

What kind of theatre do I like? Well have a look around the blog and you’ll see; I love musical theatre, but also have an interest and appreciation for Theatre of the Absurd. I’m a fan of Henrik Ibsen’s and Chekhov’s plays. David Mamet’s plays and theatrical writings always give me something to think about. Augusto Boal’s books on theatre I find inspiring. Terence Rattigan’s playwrighting craftsmanship is something I hugely admire. Likewise Robert Lepage’s work is amazing and I love the way he’s taken modern theatre.

To me life is theatre and theatre is life.

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