La Traviata – Royal Opera House – Review

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It’s only over the last few years that I’ve developed an interest in opera. I have a few operas in my music collection, but I’ll admit my knowledge of this theatrical form is limited.

The thing I love about it, is that it so different to anything else, it really does take you to “another place”. For example,  this week has been a manic week for me, work has been busy, I’ve had two other visits to the theatre and also rehearsals for the next play I’m in and an assignment to submit for college. So when I arrived at the Royal Opera House on Friday night, I was very tired and in need of something that would refresh and take me somewhere away from all these other commitments and pressures. What followed was three hours of brilliance, as if I’d dived into a refreshing cool pool, all the things I’d been worried about, floated away as I was engrossed in this opera.

From the gorgeous opening of the strings, right through to the tragic end, I was captivated by the story and performances. The Royal Opera House orchestra played with finesse and grace, I was up in the gods and their playing soared effortlessly up to me.

The singing of Ailyn Perez, Hanna Hipp, Daniel Grice, and Eddie Wade was mesmerizing. They filled the opera house as did the cast during the full cast numbers. I especially liked the scene set in the gaming room as the cast and moved around and onto the table. The costumes were sumptuous. The whole production had a “wow factor”, as the towering sets, huge cast and thundering voices took us to this other world.

So as a form  of pure escapism it worked, which is what opera is to me. It took me out and away from myself and provided a wonderful refreshment to a wearying week.

STARS: * * * *