Products and Services

There are a number of services I can offer :

Theatre Critic:

If you’d like me to come along to your production to review it please let me know. Or if you have a journal, paper, magazine or blog you’d like me to write for get in touch.

Presentation Consultant and Coach:

I’ve provided feedback and direction to various performers such as magicians, singers, comedians and speciality acts as well as to business professionals.  As an experienced performer and business presenter I know what it’s like to stand in front of others and the challenges that can bring. I’m also aware of the value of honest and constructive criticism. If you want a fresh pair of eyes and ears to look at your act, or presentations I can help. I am trained to an advanced level in Keynote and PowerPoint too. Eliminate that feeling of “death by PowerPoint”  audiences feel from your presentations! Available in person or via Skype.

Tour of the West End:

I lived in the West End for 4 years and walk through it on a weekly basis. I’ve also been to productions in all but 4 of the West End theatre’s (and will have ticked those off my list by the end of 2012)  As a student of theatre and member of the Society of Theatre Research, I’ve picked up numerous interesting tales about the theatres and what has happened in them over their history. I can also show you great places to get cheap tickets, and where the stage doors are in order to meet the stars.  60 minute and 90 minute tours are available.

Theatre Effects Consultant
My experience of theatre as well as having performed magic professionally for 10 years gives me the tools and skills to assist should you wish to add effects/illusions to a show.

Please use the form below to contact me for more information on any of the above;

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