The Light Princess – The National Theatre – Review

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Review in one sentence : This is one of the most inventive, incredible pieces of theatre I’ve EVER seen.

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Review in more than one sentence:

I was excited by the concept of this when I first heard it was being workshopped a few years ago. It’s been a while in gestation but it has been well worth the wait.

This is a Victorian fairy tale (which was new to me), told with an inventiveness I’ve only seen in a few other musicals and pieces of theatre (London Road and Once). All of the various parts that make this an harmonious whole piece; the score, lyrics, script, design, direction, choreography and cast have achieved that magical alchemy that theatre seldom achieves but when it does and you’re present to witness it, leaves an indelible mark on your life.

Tori Amos has crafted a score that is a welcome fresh newcomer to musical theatre. Several of the tunes lodge firmly in the memory when leaving the theatre. There are moments of drama, comedy and a few that send tingles up the spine and one that sends a tear or two down the cheek. Hurry up National Theatre and Tori Amos and release the soundtrack please!!!

2 impressive talent combine in this production. Tori Amos and Rosalie Craig.

2 impressive talents combine in this production. Tori Amos and Rosalie Craig.

Rosalie Craig as Althea (the Light Princess of the title) gives a performance that is extraordinary. Her voice soars as effortlessly as she does. Singing this score would be hard for any professional, yet she does it whilst spinning, floating upside down and swooping over the stage. Performance of the year goes to her for this without a shadow of a doubt. If not greatest female lead I’ve seen, ever!


Nick Hendrix as her romantic suitor gives a powerful performance. Clive Rowe as King Darius belts out his tunes and he also gives a tender performance in one song that had me going for my handkerchief as he sings to his dying daughter.

Sometimes the set, choreography and theatrical trickery can detract from a piece. Here they add volumes to it. How they’ve got Althea to float all the time is bordering on genius and the VERY hard work of 4 acrobats. If I try to explain it, you’ll think it sounds impossible. So I won’t bother, suffice to say it is definitely the cleverest theatrical idea and implementation I’ve seen. Truly magical. You’ll have to see it with your own eyes.

Just one of the never ending ingenious creations in this show.

Just one of the never-ending ingenious creations in this show.

Add to this intriguing and ingenious puppets and puppetry, with a focused direction from Marianne Elliott it is really a very special piece of theatre.

I came out of the National feeling like I too was floating I was so overjoyed by this experience. My advice is stop whatever you are doing and make sure you book tickets to see this as soon as possible.

STARS : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★