Nothing to Rave About – Raving at the Hampstead Theatre – Review

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I bought my tickets for this simply based on the casting of Sarah Hadland and Robert Webb, a couple of months ago. I was keen to see a new comedy too, and revist one of my favourite theatres after the brilliant Race that I saw there earlier this year.

Is it worth raving about then? Not really.

The cast give clichéd and stereotype performances to their equally two-dimensional characters. Writer Simon Paisley Day clearly believes his audience can’t handle nuance or depth and so gives us this superficial offering.

Bel Powley appears to be the “teen chav for hire” actress , she duplicates her role from Jumpy here and in the two years since I saw her in that hasn’t appeared to learn that you don’t need to yell on stage all the time, even when you’re playing a stroppy teenager.

Sarah Hadland could just have walked off the set of Miranda and Robert Webb likewise has just wandered off the set of Peep Show. They’re just duplicating their roles from these TV shows. It’s this lack of any creativity by cast or writer that is so disheartening. It did feel they were “going through the motions” a bit too.

The exception is Tamzin Outhwaite with her performance as the depressed new mum Briony, it is superb, but lost in the sea of mediocrity that the rest of the play is.

I did laugh out loud, and in no means did I think it was dreadful. It’ll simply be a forgotten piece of theatre in a weeks time. Shame really as I’m sure the cast and audience could have been stretched and entertained further. It’s ok, but nothing worth raving about.

STARS : ★ ★ (and a half)



One thought on “Nothing to Rave About – Raving at the Hampstead Theatre – Review

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