How To Produce a West End Show by Julius Green – Review

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Genuinely, this is a "must" read for all theatre practitioners.

Genuinely, this is a “must” read for all theatre practitioners.

The role of the producer in the theatre world, is one of the most misunderstood and mysterious. Are we the Svengali’s loitering in the background, or cigar smoking fat cats raking in all the money? If truth be told it’s a lot more complicated than the stereotypes so often talked about.

I’ve had experience as a producer, I’m currently working on a project for 2014 (more details will be on this blog as  and when things are confirmed) and so picked up a copy of this hoping it’d give me some useful pointers. Even though I’m not producing in the West End (yet). It truly is a gold mine of advice. 

This is an ESSENTIAL book for all theatre practitioners. Especially for those at drama schools and actors. You NEED to understand what the producer’s role is and dare I say, appreciate it too? He points out in the book that there are no industry awards for producers. More’s the pity, as they are the linchpin of any theatrical endeavour.

Julius Green takes the reader on a wonderful journey of getting a show on in the West End, he’s got plenty of experience and reading his stories and anecdotes are part of the fun. He never makes out this is easy and he certainly reminds the readers repeatedly this is no get rich quick scheme.  

Despite the “West End”, being mentioned in the title, this book has universal relevance, from the professional world right through to the amateur theatre world, whichever level you work in you’ll find something in here relevant and applicable to your theatrical world.




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