Boeing Boeing – Miller Centre Theatre Company – Review

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Boeing Boeing Paster

Totally biased review alert!! Boeing Boeing is one of my favourite plays of all time. I caught it in 2007 and have been waiting for the amateur rights to be released so that my local theatre could put it on.

We’ve literally been checking every week to see when the rights would become available. Well they have and The Miller Centre Theatre Company are one of the first amateur theatre companies to present this fabulous farce.

Watching it last night, I’d forgotten what a cleverly crafted piece this really is. Acting in a farce of this calibre is no easy job, it requires pace and split second timing. Forget the gym, if you want to lose pounds get a part in this.

It’s premise is pure farcical genius, Bernard has three air hostess fiances, who he assures his visiting friend Robert, can never meet or find out due to his “pure mathematics” of their flight timetables. Well a new jet, a storm over the atlantic and one planning a surprise visit put paid to his calculations and hilarity ensues.

Camoletti allows the terror of the situation philandering Bernard gets himself in to become an absolute riotous romp. It was a delight to be in an audience roaring with laughter and having such a good time.

The cast give great performances, I must give a special mention to Gail Bishop though, she nails the character of German airhostess Gretchen. A performance up there with how Tracy Ann-Oberman delivered the part in the West End in 2007.

It’s on for another week. This is a play that’ll let your spirits soar, and lighten your load. A wonderful piece of theatre.



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