The Audience, Boeing Boeing and The Graduate


Well it’s been a nice summer break for me and I hope it has for my readers too?

I’ve had a total break from going the theatre, which I must say has been good, as it’s given me a longing to see some new productions.

This coming week sees me off to a private screening of The Audience which I’m excited about as I missed seeing that when it was on at the West End (and I wasn’t too keen on paying £126 for a ticket either).

Then on Saturday I’m off to see Boeing Boeing at my local theatre. This is one of my favourite plays. I’m actively involved at the Miller Centre Theatre and so sat in on the Technical Rehearsal this afternoon and I can’t wait to see it with a live audience.

Finally the biggest part of this week for me is I graduate from Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance with my BA in Theatre Studies this Friday!! This has taken me 8 years (as I’ve done it via distance learning)  but has been the best decision I ever made. This blog is itself an extension of those studies. I also think a graduation of entirely theatrical folk will be rather special. Full details and the obligatory picture of me in my gown and mortar board will follow as will my regular reviews and musings on all things theatrical.


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