A Chorus Line – The London Palladium – Review

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Confused, bemused and perplexed, just some of the words to describe my feelings towards the rave reviews this show has received.

It’s one of the dullest theatrical experiences I’ve had. If sitting through 2 hours worth of dancers navel gazing and wanging on about “how hard it is”,  defines “thrilling night out” you ‘re in for a treat. Personally I get enough of that reading The Stage each week.

The show epitomizes what I feel is the most negative aspect of the theatrical world; the myopic world view most in it have.

Each of the chorus line regale us with their story, all the clichés you’d expect are here;  Most of the males are gay, the woman who’s had plastic surgery and is now “so happy”, the dancer in her 30’s desperate to cling on to her career, the up and coming dancer who’s slept with the choreographer.Yawn,yawn, yawn. I genuinely lost interest after the first few. It’s like an extended interviews section of Britain’s Got Talent or X Factor.

Add to that an instantly forgettable score (I did like “Nothing” every drama school student should listen to that) with equally unforgettable choreography and you’ll see why I was so disappointed.

The cast do their best but they can’t make up for the inherent shortcomings of this show. It might have been thought of as amazing in 1975/6 but now it’s as embarrassing as photos of your parents from those years.

STARS : ★ ★


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