Viva Forever – Piccadilly Theatre – Review



I’ll be brief and to the point, I’ve wasted 75 minutes of my life watching the first half of this show and I don’t intend to waste much more writing about it;
It is the worst show I’ve ever seen. Everyone from producers to cast and creatives should be thoroughly ashamed.

Instead listen to the original songs or watch the Spiceworld movie (which is better than this show, and that’s saying something!)

Do not waste your precious life and money on this piece of theatrical tat. Let’s hope it closes soon, there was a very poor turnout tonight,
so here’s hoping.

It’ll not “spice up your life” it’ll simply waste it.

STARS : not even worthy of 1 star.

Ps. For the record, I actually like the Spice Girls and their music, I even own 2 of their albums!


4 thoughts on “Viva Forever – Piccadilly Theatre – Review

  1. Yo Dom! This is exactly what my mate said and he loves the Spice Girls and was totally gutted!!! No theatre for me these days :0( Same mate has promised me a night out at the theatre as a belated 40th b’day present as soon as the little lady stabilises :0D Take care now! x

  2. hi Charmaine! Lovely to hear from you, I trust you and yours are well 🙂

    Yep Viva is a total travesty – everything about it is lame, the worst cast, costumes, choreography, “story” , I’ve ever seen.

    Let me know what you go and see for you 40th!


  3. The general public has grown tired of the pop musical format. Perhaps this is why:

    Method 1: Write crap dialogue in order to string together the band’s Best Of back catalogue. Coherent storyline not necessary.
    Method 2: Take cringeworthy storyline and fit all the pop hits around it. If they don’t fit, MAKE THEM. Use Method 1 to shoehorn in the tricky ones.

    I sat through ‘Mamma Mia’ because my friend was in it. I nearly left ‘We Will Rock You’ at the interval because the story was so bad. ‘Our House’ is 2 hours of my life I will never get back. Theatre audiences expect and deserve better.

    (Saying that, I actually quite enjoyed ‘Rock of Ages’ – yes it has a cheesy storyline, but because they’re not limited to the back catalogue of one band or having to squeeze all of that band’s hits into the show, so there’s a bit more correlation between the songs and the storyline).

  4. I’m not sure audiences are growing tired of the pop musical format, I think they are growing tired of poor shows that use the music/reputation of a former star(s) as their hook to get you in.

    Mama Mia, I think is the best story of any of them (at least some thought has gone into it) – although when I saw it the cast were appalling – leads not being able to reach top notes isn’t acceptable in a West End Show.

    We Will Rock You, yes, the story is a bit lame, though compared to Jennifer Saunders attempt in Viva Forever, WWRY looks like Shakespeare in comparison, For me the WWRY poor story was overcome by a cast who gave 110%.

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