The Winslow Boy – The Old Vic – Review



The Winslow Boy is to my mind one of the greatest “well made plays”. Written with a craftmanship that is lacking in so much modern writing. The “Rattigan revival” continues unabated I’m pleased to say with this outstanding production.

Lindsay Posner’s tight direction gives this story of injustice and battling against the establishment pace. He also allows the humour to shine through in places that were new to me. I assure you this is no dreary and dull period play. It had me laughing out loud and tugged my heartstrings throughout.

It was wonderful to see and hear an audience that didn’t know the play reacting to its twists and turns and the emotional journey the Winslow boy and his family embark upon. I was also pleased to see such a wide age range  present (literally 9 – 90). All being captivated by Rattigan’s masterful story telling.

If you’ve never seen a Rattigan play, this would make an excellent introduction to his outstanding writing.

Charlie Rowe as the eponymous boy gives a compelling and touching performance as does Henry Goodman his supportive father. They are finely supported by the rest of the cast.

Peter Sullivan as Sir Robert Morton

For me though I really think it’s worth going to see, just to witness Peter Sullivan  and his splendid portrayal of Sir Robert Morton it is tremendous.

With so many productions on in London and in a time where we’re all needing to think about what we spend our hard-earned pounds on. A superbly written play, that the director brings to life in new ways and acted by a stellar cast gets my vote for great value for money and a great theatrical experience.

STARS : ★ ★ ★ ★


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