Snow And Wardrobes, But No Narnia In Sight

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It’s all systems go for An Evening at Muldoon Manor or should that be all systems snow?

The UK weather has meant rehearsals have been postponed but we’re hoping for an intense weekend of rehearsals ahead, so we’re on schedule.

We went and got our costumes sorted last weekend, it’s always fun rummaging around, trying costumes on and finding what you feel your character should wear, we’ve gone for a 1970’s look for my character Moon and the other critic Birdboot. So I’ve some gorgeous checked flares to wear and shoes that will I feel go down into the theatrical annals as “legendary”.

The second cabaret act is coming along too, Dominick Zwolinski has been busy working on new tricks and finally managed to source an outfit for his assistant this week, you’d never believe how hard a magician’s assistant costume that was appropriate and suitable was to locate.

All this has meant I’ve not been to the theatre to see anything yet this year, (apart from The Exorcism but I was Production Assistant for that, so that doesn’t count!), that’ll all change this Friday when I’m off to the London International Mime Festival to see Gandini Juggling. Review will follow at the weekend.



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