Hey Mr Producer!

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2013 has got off to a busy start. I’m enjoying the challenges and demands being a producer brings.

Yesterday I was surrounded by scripts as the production committee and I for my local theatre, The Miller Centre Theatre, pull together our 2013/14 season. Selecting a varied season of 9 shows is not as easy you may think. Technical and casting issues need to be weighed up, as does making sure the season is varied, pleases our regulars and also has something to attract a new audiences.

The other production I’m involved in as producer, is a show we’re calling An Evening at Muldoon Manor which features Tom Stoppard’s play The Real Inspector Hound in Act 1 and then Act 2 features a couple of music acts, finishing off with Dominick Zwolinksi performing some magic and illusions. The publicity machine is about to launch later this week. I’m also taking part acting in this production. So it’s all go at the moment.

The role of producer is often one that is not really understood or appreciated by many. I love the challenge of pulling all the people necessary to make a production happen together. Checking we keep to budget is obviously a part of the role, but it’s only a small part of the overall responsibility the producer has.

My Theatre Studies degree gave a cursory mention to producers in my Theatres at Work module but that was it. I was fortunate to have Cameron Mackintosh Ltd as my placement for that module, maybe that’s why I have an affinity with producers?

I have to say, having done many of the roles in theatre, producing is my favourite. It certainly has its challenges and moments of head scratching and hair pulling, but I love it.


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