‘Tis the Season to Be Busy



I didn’t get to post last week, sorry.

I’m currently busy acting as Production Assistant for The Exorcism, which opens at the Miller Centre Theatre, Caterham on 3rd January 2013.

I’m also involved as producer for The Real Inspector Hound which opens at the Bridewell Theatre, London on February 20th. I’m also in that production playing the character Moon, so am busy learning my lines like crazy.

Added to this, my final college module starts in January, it’s entitled The Director’s Story, so I’ve been doing a bit of preliminary reading. (I’m also hoping to direct my first play in 2014, so this’ll module comes along at just the right time). I’m also in the process of getting my research area confirmed for my dissertation that begins next year too. So 2013 will be a “heads in the books” year for sure.

I am going to a few shows in December, so reviews will follow shortly.

I hope your Christmas preparations, be they familial or theatrical are going well.





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