The History Boys – Miller Centre Theatre Company – Review

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Caterham’s very own likely lads

It’s one of my favourite plays, but I’ve only ever read it (and seen the wonderful film adaptation). So I was excited to finally get to see it brought to life by the Miller Centre Theatre Company.

A superb bunch of lads gave their all as the eponymous History Boys, battling their way against the social, educational and sexual mores of 1980’s grammar schooling. I went to a single sex grammar school (in the 1990’s not 80’s I hasten to add!) and I suppose that’s why I like the play so much, as I can identify strongly with the characters and situations.

However, even if you’re not from the world the play is set in I think it gives everyone something to think about, especially what is real education? As education ministers seem to become even more concerned with statistics and “results”, Alan Bennett shows us that what we take from our schooling is more than just the exam results.

Each of the cast give bring their characters to life and the superb set transports us from classroom to headmasters office and staff room seamlessly.

It’s been wonderful to finally see a production of this great play (one of best plays of the  21st Century so far, in my opinion), brought to life so competently. It’s sold out for its run, you may be able to get returns, but the cast deserve to be playing to full houses, A* to everyone involved.


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