End of the Road


All good things must come to an end, and that’s what has happened to the run of The Long Road. I mentioned in my previous post how I’d enjoyed it and found it has helped me grow as an actor.

Theatre is an existential art form and now all that remains are fond memories. My thanks to my co-actors, Jen, Chris, Saskia and Helen who were such fun to work with. Thanks also to the director Iain, who pushed us to be the best we could be. I’ll miss you all.

Going to miss these folks!

I’ve spoken previously about Post-Production Depression  and how I always feel low for a few days following a production, as I miss the people and play. That’ll be especially acute following this play I know.

It won’t be long before I tread the boards again though (February 2013), so I’m looking forward to having a chance to see some theatre over the next couple of  months and the reviews will be here soon!


2 thoughts on “End of the Road

  1. It was such a preveledge to be part of such a compelling, thought provoking play with such a wonderful director, cast and backstage crew. Dom, thanks for making it fun (we needed the laughs!) … and big thanks for the magic act at the after show party – my daughter will never get over all those balls (hehe)! Good Luck with your next venture and hope to work with you in the future …

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