Being part of a production that moves people

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The Long Road run is going well. It’s been a real joy from the first day of rehearsals. We’ve now only got 4 more nights left and I will really miss it when it’s over.

Being part of a play that actually touches people (we’ve had people in tears some nights) has been a new experience for me and has renewed my conviction that theatre can touch people and act as a catalyst for change. The themes of restorative justice, forgiveness, grief and family have resonated with audiences in ways that I think they too were surprised at. All thanks to Shelagh Stephenson’s script.

The chance to do an opening soliloquy was one of the main attractions for the part of Joe for me.

As an actor I feel I’ve really grown taking on this part, it has been hard and I do come off each night feeling emotionally drained, but I love the opening soliloquy I have and there is no greater buzz than the curtains opening and the light being on me and having the opportunity to capture the audience’s attention from the outset.

My onstage mum and dad

Like any production this has been a group effort and I’m loving working with the talented actors and despite it being a “heavy” play we’ve had plenty of laughs backstage and after the play, which I think we’ve needed otherwise we’d all end up a bit depressed. Iain McGrath the director has been a gem to work with and has really focused my attention and  helped me to bring my character to life and fruition.

It’s been an experience I’ll treasure as I’ve learnt so much from it that I know I’ll take with me into future plays and projects.

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