David Blaine, Mr Electric and the Greatest Electrical Piece of Magic Ever.

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David Blaine is going to be performing his latest theatrical stunt in a few days, “Electrified”, standing between two Tesla coils emitting one million volts, should make for a more visual stunt than some of his previous ones.

The teaser trailer can be seen here:

When I heard about this stunt, it brought to mind Marvyn Roy who had an act in the 60’s as “Mr Electric”, there’s a clip of it here:

The use of electric bulbs was quite groundbreaking for its time. Although it looks soooo dated now.

It’ll be interesting to see how the public react to David Blaine’s latest stunt, I remember seeing him when he was starving himself for 40 days in a box in London and popped along a few times to see him there. I think the UK crowd gave him more than he bargained for with people drumming loudly when he was trying to sleep, helicoptering burgers up to his box, cooking BBQ’s below and splattering his box with paint bombs. I doubt anyone will want to get near him this time though as the one million volts is a healthy deterrent.

For me though the below is the finest piece of electrical magic and one of my favourite pieces of theatre ever:


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