The Magic Cavern – Baron’s Court Theatre


The Barons Court Theatre is a special and magical place for me. It was here I made my professional debut at The Magic Cavern. That was nine years ago. I returned the other day to see the 10th anniversary performance of family friendly but fiendishly baffling magic.

The show has evolved over the last decade, but its current format of every Sunday at 3pm with a set show presented by creator, producer and performer Richard Leigh or his deputy David Major has been a winner. The multi-aged audience gathered on Sunday were wondering at the wizardry.

The theatre is transformed via set and back drops into a cave of conjuring. The magic flows accompanied by a classical soundtrack the serves to punctuate and emphasise the magic.

There is plenty of audience participation for those that want to, there was a large contingent there for a 10th birthday so the magician was not short of willing volunteers when I was there!

David Major performing some hot magic.

Normally either Richard Leigh or David Major perform. As this was a special show we were treated to a shared performance that contained them both performing, both are competent and engaging.

I don’t want to give anything away but there is strong magic aplenty with the highlight for me being Richard Leigh’s thumb tie. It is certainly one, if not the best I’ve seen.

Richard Leigh’s mind-boggling Magic Square

It’s London’s only weekly magic show. Seeing magic up close like this really is the best way to see this theatrical form, so if you fancy an alternative way to spend your Sunday afternoon, make your way to The Magic Cavern.


2 thoughts on “The Magic Cavern – Baron’s Court Theatre

  1. Thanks for this! We’re a production company that use Barons Court Theatre and we had been toying with the idea of popping in to see The Magic Cavern, as having a weekly show on for such a long period of time seems quite a feat at a fringe venue. After reading your account we’re now sorely tempted to go!

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