The Waiting Room by SRZ presented by Stepping Stonz at The Lost Theatre London

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Call it serendipity, Providence or fluke, but I’ve seen two overtly Christian plays in the last week. Perhaps someone’s trying to get the attention of this soul?

Firstly though, this was my first visit to The Lost Theatre in Wandsworth. It’s a beautiful little theatre that has obviously just been refurbished and is a great find. I picked up a leaflet of what they have on there over the next couple of months and hope to return soon. If you live nearby, pop in to this gem.

Onto the play; the premise is a good one, it is set in a hospital’s emergency waiting room and we meet a variety of characters and the differing reasons that have led them to be there. I don’t want to say too much more as I think the stories and play benefits from having no spoilers.

The cast perform their roles well, I found a few of the thick London accents hard to understand, but others around me seemed to not have this problem, towards the end my ear was becoming accustomed to it. I also learnt a new word “peng”. I did need to visit the after seeing the play though!

It was an early performance in the run and I feel a couple of the actors were still getting comfortable with the play, however the standard overall was fine. The actors that played the characters shadows in particular gave an additional depth and aspect to the play.

I mentioned in The Pilgrim’s Progress that I saw on Tuesday, how I felt that had dated. Well this is very much a tale for our time. The second act is overtly Christian in the message that it proclaims, but I felt it earns its chance to be heard due to the characterisation that had been set up in Act 1. It certainly gave me a few things to ponder on as to what happens when we leave this life.

If you are in the area, I recommend you visit this thought-provoking production and see this great theatre space.

STARS: * * *  (and a half)


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