39 Steps adapted by Patrick Barlow- Criterion Theatre – Review

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I saw an amateur company deliver a fine production of this earlier in the year. So as I sank into my theatre seat the other night at the stylish Criterion theatre I knew what was coming.

It’s a rip-roaring, silly spoof that is deliciously funny.

The front two rows were made up of teenagers clearly there on a school trip, I wondered what they’d make of this play, they loved it. The theatre had a fair proportion of tourists, I wondered if they’d understand it or get the jokes. Again they appeared to be loving it. The physical humour crosses generations and languages.

The cast of four work like billyoh throughout, especially Paul Bigley and Stephen Critchlow who play a dizzying number of characters. Paul Bigley was the highlight for me, comic acting par excellence. Andrew Alexander is the dashing Richard Hannay, while Catherine Bailey as his numerous love interests was sultry, Scottish and stuck up as and when required!

It’s easy to snap up cheap tickets for this so there really is no excuse not to see it. Great entertainment, a modern comic classic.

STARS : * * * *


One thought on “39 Steps adapted by Patrick Barlow- Criterion Theatre – Review

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