TKTS Ticket Booth Leicester Square

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I’m currently writing a post on ways I manage to keep the cost of going to the theatre down. One of the key ways I do this is by getting my tickets from the TKTS ticket booth in Leicester Square.

I first used TKTS when I lived in the West End and started my Theatre Studies Degree, since then I’ve used it repeatedly and their bargain ticket prices mean I’ve been able to be a regular visitor to the West End ever since.

For great value tickets for West End shows, head here.

I was invited last week by Richard Bennison the Sales Manager of TKTS to go behind the booth and see what happens behind the windows and to chat about TKTS, my blog and the wonderful world of Theatreland.

The TKTS Booth is the only official discount ticket booth in London, it’s been in Leicester Square for over 30 years and is run by the Society of London Theatre. They offer discount tickets on the day and up to 7 days in advance, there’s usually a queue outside but you never have to wait too long. The great thing is the staff that work in the booth have a comprehensive knowledge of the shows and theatres so can offer great advice and assistance. Saturday’s are their busiest day, in fact they sell almost double what they sell on any other day of the week on Saturday’s. No surprise as there are double the amount of shows on due to all the matinees.

I always have a list of shows I wish to see, and so I go with this list and see which show  I can get best value tickets for. Their website lists which shows they have available, and I also monitor this to see which shows are discounted and if any new ones get added. I’ve never come away from TKTS not having tickets to at least one of the shows I wish to see.

The other great thing they’ve recently introduced is a loyalty card scheme. You collect a stamp for each ticket bought and once you have six you get £3 off. I’ve managed to get my card fully stamped in just two visits! (my most recent purchases from TKTS were tickets for Chicago and South Downs / The Browning Version)

It was wonderful to chat to Richard as he has a genuine passion for the West End Theatre much like me. He was also enthusiastic about how many good shows are on in the West End of all genres and styles. I wrote a post only last week about how I feel we’re in a really positive situation theatrically at the moment and it was encouraging Richard agreed. This summer really is a time to take in a West End show or several. See or the video below for a taste of what’s on offer this summer:

I’ve recommended TKTS to friends and family for years, and I commend them to you. Friendly and knowledgable staff and great ticket prices make this the first place to visit in the West End for me.


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