Chicago The Musical – Garrick Theatre London – Review


All good things must come to an end

The news came out yesterday that Chicago was closing on September 1st. It immediately shot to the top of my list of “things I want to see”. In fact I went last night thanks to TKTS and their bargain tickets.

Lots of friends have told me to go and see Chicago over the last 15 years. I wish I’d heeded their advice sooner, I was bowled over and  I’VE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW.

It’s stylish, witty, has great tunes, a brilliant band (that are on stage throughout, which I really appreciate as I like to see the musicians especially as they’re such an integral part of the show) and the most beautiful cast on the West End stage (both guys and girls). It’s become an iconic piece of theatre with  a style all of its own.

The cast was so slick, Sarah Soetaert was the feisty Roxy Hart, cheeky, flirty and fun.

Rachel McDowall as the vampish Velma was stunning, her dance moves were perfect and those high kicks she does, wow!

Raza Jaffrey is Billy Flynn, I can see why this role has been so sought after over the last 15 years, not just because of the sexy ladies you are surrounded by, but it is a great part with some gorgeous songs especially his number All I Care About. Raza Jaffrey’s silky baritone voice, good looks and charm were everything Billy Flynn should be.

I was also surprised by the creative and clever staging of this show, the snazzy black costumes, and the company playing multiple roles helped to keep the pace flying and the choreography was as breathtaking as I was hoping it to be.

It’s one of those shows where the cast and band were clearly having a great time and their passion for the show was contagious to the audience. I’ve seen a lot of West End shows and a lot of talented casts, Chicago’s are up there with the best I’ve seen.

If you like me haven’t got to see this in the last 15 years put it top of your list NOW and catch this before it closes. The sexiest, stylish show is taking its final bow, make sure you’re in the crowd whooping and cheering the razzle dazzle that is Chicago The Musical.

STARS : * * * * *


3 thoughts on “Chicago The Musical – Garrick Theatre London – Review

  1. I saw the film first, which I love, then the stage show when it came to Southampton some years ago. I enjoyed the show, but prefer the film, must watch it again soon.

  2. I’ve had the DVD of the film since it was released April, but never watched as I was waiting until I’d seen the stage show. Shall watch it at some point soon.

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