The Search For A Screecher I Mean A “Superstar” Is On

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I know what you’re thinking, “Dominic is going to say how terrific the new Andrew Lloyd Webber TV search show is”

Nothing very super or starry about this TV show I’m afraid to say.

Well you’d be wrong, I may have waxed lyrical about Over the Rainbow, however last night’s Superstar was so dire I didn’t even bother watching until the end.

Personally I’m not a huge fan of ALW’s Jesus Christ Superstar, I think it’s very much of its time and ALW as we find in his later career writes much better music, when he doesn’t try to write rock songs. His strength is in ballads and more sumptuous orchestrations I think.  So it was always going to be a struggle to watch this show, but as a fan of previous ones I thought this would be at least fun.

How wrong I was, all it consisted of was of singers screeching constantly, it appears ALW wants a “rock star” for Jesus, fair enough, but not sure if screeching equates to rock star though.

The show lacks one thing – Graham Norton, without a presenter I felt it was falling flat and illustrates how much the success of the previous shows was down to Graham Norton. The judging panel seemed a bit dull and seemed to spend the majority of their time sitting their nodding their heads like those dogs on car dashboards. The producers clearly felt that as the public won’t know who David Grindod is, they’ll not include much footage of him, a shame as he’s the most qualified on the panel to make judgements.

The judges David Grindod, ALW, Mel C and Jason Donovan. Dawn French will be joining them in future episodes (not sure why though)

I know the arena tour is selling well, but again those leave me cold, what’s the point in going to the O2 to see the show on large screens? I might as well get a dvd and watch it at home.  I’m not convinced large-scale arenas are suitable for musical theatre.

So I won’t be watching future episodes, it all felt a bit tacky and lacking. I’m sure they’ll sell bucket loads of tickets and sell the tour out – which is the real reason for the TV show, whether a superstar will truly be found I’m not so sure. Especially as they’ll need to step out from the starlight of it’s leading lady Mel C, aswell as watch out for Judas, Tim Minchin who I reckon will steal the show.


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