Life Ain’t No Musical – The Remix

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I was privileged to see Life Ain’t No Musical by Act Now (the youth initiative of Cardboard Citizens)last year, my thoughts on it are here.

A year later a new cast tackle this musical about the challenges homeless youngsters face, with the same passion and pizzazz as their counterparts last year.

I saw it last night at a special performance in London’s City Hall. From our top floor room we could see the sprawling city. How many out there were going through what the youngsters were portraying as theatre for real tonight I wondered?

This isn’t a gloomy piece though, no it’s brimming full of hope.

As Adrian Jackson (Artistic Director of Cardboard Citizens) pointed out to us at the beginning of the evening, “Art can change the world“, and as Tony McBride (Director of Life Ain’t No Musical) reminded us, “art reflects the world too”.

This is a piece of theatre that reflects and changes the world. I’m honoured to have seen this fresh and vibrant cast perform it.

ps I really think Cardboard Citizens should release the music/script as I’m sure many youth theatres around the country would love to put this piece.

pps Cardboard Citizens relies on donations to allow their transformational theatre to take place, if you can, please go here and give generously.


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