Using your phone in a Theatre

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There’s been lots of talk in the papers, twitter and blogosphere recently about the use of cameras and phones in theatres over the last few months. Have a look here and here for example.

A friend sent me the funny video below, of a customers voicemail after they got thrown out of a cinema for using their phone.

Most interesting is the fact they think that if it’s on silent it’s ok to use it ? Do they not realise that there is nothing more irritating than the glow of a phone screen in a dark cinema or theatre, why oh why don’t people realise that? Despite the fact in a live theatre it is downright rude to be texting, tweeting or surfing net when people are working on stage. If you want to do that, stay at home, sit on a bus, train or in a cafe and do it to your hearts content. If you’re desperate to Tweet, waiting until the interval is surely not too much to ask?

You may be surprised but I came to see people on stage lit up not the audience!

There’s some strong language in the video, but I like fact the Alamo Drafthouse Theater cinema in Austin Texas are standing by their kick out policy and have a sense of humour by posting this up on YouTube.



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