All quiet on the blogging front – Why so??



What is happening in my theatre world recently a few have asked? Several things:

My college assignment for my Topics in Contemporary Theatre module is due in May and so the research for that has begun. I’m focusing on the theme of capitalism in the works of David Hare and Mark Ravenhill. I’m enjoying the chance to delve into David Hare’s work, and I’m actually beginning to appreciate Mark Ravenhill’s work a bit more than in the past, not sure I’d go so far as to say I “enjoy” it yet though. Although his play Some Explicit Polaroids, I really enjoyed when I read it last week.

I’ve also decided to “bite the bullet”, and I’ve signed up for Script Frenzy.

The challenge is to write an 100 page script starting on 1st April and finishing on 30th April. I’ve jotted down many ideas for plays over the years and even started a couple, but I’ve never got to the end. I’m using this challenge as a way of actually getting one DONE. I’m sure it’ll need editing and revising afterwards, but at least I’ll be a whole lot further on than I am at present.

I’m using March as a prep month and I’m currently reading three books;

Which I’m halfway through and I’ve found it REALLY helpful.

Is my second tome and I’m finding it equally as insightful and useful.

My third book is;

This book goes through each of Rattigan’s plays and as an admirer of his work, I’m finding this a valuable lesson. If I can write a play half as well crafted as Rattigan’s I’ll be happy.

My assignment is also helping as Hare and Ravenhill both have interesting thoughts on playwrighting. As are the last 5 years of studying theatre. On top of all the plays I’ve seen in my life too.

It’s a pretty daunting place to be, but I know at the end of April, I’ll be pleased to finally have a play written.

I’ve a few theatre trips planned in April and so will write my reviews here, but I’ll be quiet on my musings during April. I’ll certainly blog about what I think of the Script Frenzy experience in May.

Wish me luck 🙂


3 thoughts on “All quiet on the blogging front – Why so??

  1. Good luck, Dom! 100 pages in a month is a frenetic pace as I assume you’re not taking a month off work to accomplish it. I wrote a play a few years ago, which I really ought to revisit and redraft, and nothing quite matches the satisfaction of typing up the final page (even though it’s unlikely to be the last page of the script!). Maybe that should be my Summer project. I have far too much college work to do next month.

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