The Office Party – Pleasance Theatre, Islington – Review


And Lo, the archangels Mark and Christina appeared to me in a dream saying, “Thou must arrange the most epic Xmas party our team have ever known.”.I awoke to see a star that led me away from the Watford office and there was much rejoicing. Where would it lead? I descended tunnels and as I ascended the escalator at Victoria tube the star hovered over the poster above. T’was a sign!

I pleaded with my colleagues and their trust and faith in me was rewarded, a few however chose to follow the dark side and not come, excuses were offered but the Lord shall smite them, Oh mighty smiter!

We awaited the evening with trepidation and trembling, mysterious black carriages arrived and whisked us off to Islington, that most lowly of London boroughs, but the Lord works in mysterious ways and places.

On arrival, I was thankfully placed in the “Creative Team” department, those not so lucky were assigned to the “The Technical Services” (ie. cleaners.). We went our separate ways, my team created their own jingle, which had certain words pinched from a financial companies “Brand Attributes”, another miracle (and nothing to do with me I assure you 🙂 )

We were all led back to be reunited on the top floor, where the bar was open and the disco beats pumping. What followed was a unique and hilarious 90 mins of games, theatre, cabaret and the bizarre (most notably my colleague Mike’s rendition of YMCA) .

The holy writ doth say, “What goes on at The Office Party, stays at The Office Party.”, far be it from I to go against such holy words of advice.

My prophecy to you all is thus : If you want to take your work colleagues to the most unusual theatrical event I’ve been to, get a group of you together, have a drink or two beforehand to get you in the party mood and go for it. You’ll laugh (lots!), you’ll be shocked (perhaps), but you’ll never be forgotten.

STARS : * * * *

Ps. There are a few photos and videos from when we went, but in the interests of me wanting to keep my job I’ll not post those here. (we’ll circulate them round the office at a future date)


2 thoughts on “The Office Party – Pleasance Theatre, Islington – Review

  1. It wasn’t a weak excuse. Getting home in the small hours when you’ve got to go to work the next day and the day after that and the day after that is not a good idea. I hear it was an interesting evening and not everyone realised that there would be actors involved.

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