No Show Makes You Feel Happier! – Crazy For You – Novello Theatre London -Review

The best legs on the London stage!
I’ve had a week of Gershwin this week. On Saturday I had the pleasure of seeing Strictly Gershwin, and last night I saw Crazy For You. It takes no genius to realise I kind of like Gershwin’s  music. This show was a storming success over the summer at the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre and has now been housed for the winter  in the Novello Theatre London. The theatre itself sets the scene perfectly for this musical, the ornate golden sculpturing, the marble stairs and the accents of brass everywhere, means this is a feast for your eyes before the show starts.
Allow me to say at this point – and WOW WHAT A SHOW!
Firstly we must raise our hat’s (and glasses)  to the Gershwin brothers for their wonderful score. Brought to life by this brilliant cast and orchestra.

The cast could not have more energy - I loved the "Stiff Upper Lip" number

The cast gave this everything they had. The closing to Act 1 , “I’ve got Rhythm”, was stunning, I could not believe they just kept on dancing, and dancing and dancing. The choreography is stupendous, pushing the dancers to their limits, but they deliver (and they’d done a matinée aswell yesterday!). The show is on full throttle for most of the time, and you just get whisked along.  I loved the costumes,  the ladies look wonderful and the gents manage to subtly change from slack hillibillies to dashing dancers by the end.  The company really look and feel like a true company. Each member has their own quirks and turns and so while the story is about Bobby and Polly, each of the characters have a part in this story. When they dance their timing was impeccable and they filled the stage with their presence and joie d vivre.

Music, Dance and Romance - who could ask for anything more?

Each of the cast deserve the fullest praise possible, but I will just specially mention Sean Palmer and Clare Foster as Bobby and Polly they lead this show and their solos and duets both of singing and dancing are beautiful.  Sean Palmer dances like I can only dream of and Polly’s transformation at the end from cowgirl to showgirl is marvellous.
Want a taster? Well have a look here:
If you’re not smiling at the end of that, I’m not sure why, perhaps you’re dead?
This to me is what a musical should look, sound and feel like, yes it’s a classic from the past, but this production feels so fresh, it’s like a brand new show. It’s polished to perfection and Timothy Sheader as Director and Stephen Mear as Choreographer should be congratulated for bringing glamour, pizzazz and fun to the West End.
I’ve recently been wondering about starting to do a star rating on my reviews, I’ve held off for a while as I’ve wanted to work out my own gauge of 1-5 stars.  It seems fitting that now that I’ve worked this out I can give my first star rating and yes it’s a 5 Star one to this!
STARS :  * * * * *

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