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I’ve mentioned their work before (here and here ) . To me it is something VERY special. I just want to bring to your attention a few up and coming projects and productions that readers may be interested in:

For those that don’t know of Cardboard Citizen’s or their work here’s a brief video that explains it (and for those that do it’s a good reminder too!)

Their new production called Three Blind Mice written by Olivier-winner Bola Agbaje and will be playing to the public on the 28th & 29th November at Toynbee Studios. Tickets are available here. This is before the production goes on tour to 40 hostels, prisons and day centres with it. If you’ve never experienced Forum Theatre, or you want to see what it’s about, this will be the place to go.

For those that are not in London:

Mincemeat (written by Adrian Jackson and Farhana Sheikh) is based on the extraordinary story of a WWII deception, a secret war which never made the history books.

“A rare theatrical treasure” – The Telegraph
“I was utterly gripped by this marvellous production.” – The Guardian
On 2009’s Mincemeat

This will be on Radio 3 on 13th November at 8.30pm.  So tune in.

Looking ahead to 2012 :

A Few Man Fridays, will be running at Riverside Studios from 10th Feb- 10th Mar 2012.

A Few Man Fridays unearths an inglorious episode of British histroy. Between 1967 and 1973, the population of the Chagos Islands was evicted to make way for a US military base. For 40 years they have fought for justice, in an epic struggle that is unlikely to end even when the European Court of Justice delivers a ruling later this year.

They would love your support in promoting it and bringing all your friends to see it. Tickets go on sale soon. Watch this space!

I really recommend you catch one or all of these events as they’ll be something very special and different.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they rely on the generosity of good folks like yourself, so please go to Cardboard Citizen’s website and donate.


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