The End of Another Production :(

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All good things must come to their end. The Shakespeare Revue was no different. This has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my theatrical career so far. It’s not been without its hard work, but it has certainly been worth it.

Here are a few photos (taken by Avril Jones)  of some of the action:

A punk rock version of the Fairies from A Midsummer Night's Dream

Me asking Hamlet via song, "Why are you such a Moody Dane?"

I'm being seduced by Cleopatra during our opera number - hard work I know!

Doing a revue has been a great learning experience, singing, acting and dancing all rolled into one. Acting as a character and then reverting back to “me” for the next scene/number has been a different and welcome challenge.

Most importantly it’s gone down well with our audiences, some seemed a bit apprehensive due to Shakespeare being in the title, but this production I feel actually made the Bard accessible in ways that surprised those that came. It was a privilege to make people laugh each evening.

I was surprised to hear that this was the first time a Revue had been put on at The Miller Centre Theatre, but due to this one’s success, I hope another is put on in a future season.  I’d be keen to be a part of it too.

Thanks to our hard-working backstage team, and our director Barbara, Musical Director David, and to our Choreographer Tonia. Thanks also to those that came and saw it!

As for what I’m next doing at The Miller Centre Theatre??? I’ll keep you posted.


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