Salmonella, rehearsals, prancing and dancing.

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Greetings blog readers! Yes it’s been the longest break I’ve ever had from Theatre Thoughts, I trust you’ve missed me ??

As my previous post states, I’ve been in wonderful Avignon having a splendid time, and then on returning I visited Watford and was given Salmonella food poisoning – YUK!!! (the food poisoning and Watford) Now, getting food poisoning is bad at anytime, but in the week prior to your show opening, this is positively pants.

Come one, come all...

Today was our Tech rehearsal, and it went with only a few hitches, which was encouraging, although those of us in the cast all know where we made errors and need to sort those out ready for the Dress Rehearsal tomorrow.

This production is really hard work, lots of costumes changes, singing, sketches and worst of all DANCING – YIKES. My dance moves have certainly only ever been reserved for weddings, now I’m centre stage for one number! One reason I took this role was because I knew it would push me outside my comfort zone, at present its level of discomfort is akin to my shoes, socks and orifices being stuffed full of itching powder. THANKFULLY due to a very patient choreographer and helpful cast members I’m getting there.

Despite the pressure really being on, I’m pleased that the cast are still keeping a sense of fun and helping each other. Tomorrow night will be a real test, but I have a feeling we’ll pull it off (just), ready for the run to commence. Tickets are still available,  should the thought of me in tights and dancing be so compelling you wish to view it with your own eyes! (no DVD will be released – 🙂 )



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