Strictly Gershwin – The English National Ballet – Royal Albert Hall – Review

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Stunning, Sumptuous, Glamorous, Gorgeous, Marvellous, Miraculous, Inspiring, Incredible, Fantastic and Fun!!! How many more superlatives do you want or need???

I can not heap enough praise on this wonderful production that I’ve just seen. I admit I’m a fan of Gershwin, but the English National Ballet have created something very special here. The choreography fits so perfectly to the music, it’s almost like it has been scored specifically for this production.

The dancing is breathtaking, the band are brilliant, the singers are superb. Ballet has a way of reaching out and transporting you to another place and level, which is one reason it’s one of my favourite theatrical forms, this production literally held me spellbound for its entire duration. I just did not want this to end.

Here’s a video as a teaser of what to expect;

It takes you back to an era of glamour and sophistication that’s sadly missing now. The way that Derek Deane has successfully fused not just ballet but, ballroom and tap into this production adds to its dazzle and for that reason I’m sure those that are perhaps wary of seeing a ballet, will enjoy this. It’s a complete package, glistening costumes, silky voice singers, an orchestra bringing Gershwins melodies to life, tap dancers giving of their all (on top of the grand piano lid at one point), with the magical English National Ballet dancers, being the icing on the cake, adding, beauty, skill and style as only they can.

As you can tell I’m on a high from this! So much so, my wife and I are booking tickets to catch this again when it goes on tour shortly in the UK, yes it’s THAT good.

Dancing from the beautiful Rhapsody in Blue


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