Bring on 2012 and the Book of Mormon The Musical in the West End!

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As a treat for finishing my college assignment this weekend, I treated myself to the soundtrack of The Book of Mormon The Musical as it was released today. This is currently playing on Broadway and is a smash hit. Knowing it had the pedigree of the South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker AND the Avenue Q creator Robert Lopez was enough for me to pre-order it at the weekend. A dash home from work and a quick download and I’ve now listened to it this evening.

First the book now The Musical!

I’ve been laughing out loud at this brilliant musical. It really is just hilarious. I’ve started whistling several of the tunes already after one listen which says a lot about how catchy the tunes are.

Yes, it is a rather cheeky look at Mormonism and religion in general, but it also sends up a good few other things, especially The Lion King.

Showing us those funky Mormon moves

It’s coming to the West End in 2012 apparently but no firm details have been released yet. I’m more excited about this than the Olympics to be honest!

I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to spoil it, but do yourself a favour and get this score now, and you’ll be beaming for a good while and whistling some catchy tunes too.

Here’s to it storming the West End, once details are released I’ll let you know and I’ll be booking my tickets once they’re released.


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