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Well, its been 2 months since The Matchgirls, and so onto my next theatrical project which is…….. The Shakespeare Revue. This is a revue show based on The Bard and contains, sketches and songs by such writers as Victoria Wood, Stiles and Drewe, Cole Porter, Sondheim, Fry and Laurie, amongst others.

We had the read through last night which was a hoot, and I can see this its going to be a very funny show for the cast and the audience.

I’m the Production Assistant for it, which means I’m assisting the Director and doing lots of the general dogs-body work! We have the auditions in a few weeks and I wasn’t sure if I’d go for a role in this, but after last night I most certainly shall. (Whether I get cast is another matter, but still being involved as the PA will be great).

So it’ll all be go again soon, but the buzz of being involved in a production is worth it.


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