Luck of the Irish?? I hope so for this assignment.


This'll help with my assignment

The end of my current module is a few weeks away, which means one thing – an assignment is looming! This module on Postwar British and Irish Playwriting has been an interesting one. In many ways it’s been a mixed bag really. It’s brought to my attention some real gems – Blue/Orange, Plenty, The Entertainer. Whilst at the same time it’s made me have to read some really awful plays – Stoning Mary and Mercury/Fur especially come to mind.

I’m glad to have chosen this module though, as I was totally ignorant of any Irish playwrights until I did this module and for me they’ve been the real “finds” of this academic year. So it’s not surprising that I’ve chosen to focus on them for my next assignment. I’ve had to choose three Irish plays and the three I’ve chosen are;

The Weir by Conor McPherson. I saw this earlier this year (a review is here) and was blown away by the lyrical script and was delighted to see a modern playwright writing monologues for his characters.

Did You Hear The One About The Irishman? by Christina Reid  is another of my choices. By depicting how personal decisions have societal and political ramifications she shows us the problems ordinary people faced during “the troubles”.

For my third choice I’m currently debating which to use, it’s a toss up between Translations by Brian Friel or The Clearing by Helen Edmundson. These plays both look at Irelands past, yet it shows how the spectre of actions taken hundreds of years ago effect the present day.

So join me in raising a glass of Guinness to these fine playwrights, and to me getting a good grade!


4 thoughts on “Luck of the Irish?? I hope so for this assignment.

  1. I took the module because I love Irish writing and wanted an excuse to delve deeper into it. I’m disappointed that it wasn’t a 50/50 split between British and Irish, and that we spent so much of the Irish component focusing on Northern Irish. Or to be honest, I’m disappointed that we didn’t touch on writers that I was hoping to study in depth.

    I haven’t decided yet which plays to do. I should know by the end of the weekend, but I may change my mind once I get into the writing of the thing.

  2. oh man, i LOVE Mercury Fur! (well, i’m directing it right now so i’m a *wee* bit partial)…but i think it is such a powerful script with lots of really amazing writing in it. ah well, different strokes! 🙂

  3. Anna,

    Having now completed the module, I think there are grounds to suggest a module devoted entirely to Irish playwriting. I’ll suggest it in the feedback forms.

    Joe – ahh Mercury/Fur, it’s a “love it or hate it” kind of play. Glad you love it! I’ll stick with hating it! Different strokes indeed.

  4. I agree, there should definitely be an Irish module, though whether they’ll be persuaded to split the current one into 2 so soon after having re-written it is another matter.

    And just for the record, I loved both Mercury/Fur and Stoning Mary.

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