Olivier Awards 2011

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And the winner for Best Theatrical Blog goes to......

This year the Olivier awards certainly have upped their game and profile, which is BRILLIANT to see. These awards are important for the theatre industry but more so have an important role as a way of showing what Theatre’s been up to these last 12 months to the wider general public.

I congratulate SOLT for really grabbing the bull by the horns and getting the awards and ceremony sorted as it had been floundering a bit these last few years and for getting maximum promotion for these awards. Stephen Sondheim is being rightly awarded a Special Award. To top it all Barry Manilow is going to be singing along with Kerry Ellis which will be a highlight I’m sure.

The only bad thing is they’ve arranged it for a time when I’m out of the country so alas your fave theatrical blogger won’t be treading the red carpet or rubbing shoulders with Barry, Sondheim or Kerry – boo hoo! (rumour has it they are equally upset at my absence 😉 )

Once the results are out I’m sure I’ll have something to say.

On a separate note, but kind of linked too, I was reading about The National Theatre’s history when Olivier was in charge this morning and I’d no idea of the debt we in the theatre world owe to him for helping found the wonderful National Theatre, thanks Larry!


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