Just a Quickie


I read this today and thought I’d share it;


The question all actors have to answer, though most of them don’t know it, is, “How willing am I to let the action of the play flow through me and how much do I want my ego, my personality to be felt?” The answer will always be different with each individual actor.”

Bill Gaskill

It’s from his wonderful book Words Into Actions.


2 thoughts on “Just a Quickie

  1. Surely the best actors are those whose personality is the most diminished. Those whose performance you always look forward to because it always surprises, rather than those who essentially always play the same character – which you surmise isn’t too dissimilar from their own personality. Those whose main trait, I suppose, is a willingness to explore and experiment and play in their search for the character’s essence. Those are the actors I admire the most.

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