Happy Birthday – Have Your Hair Coloured!


Firstly – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Theatre Thoughts Blog is ONE YEAR old today! Thanks to all my readers, writing this blog has been a steep but enjoyable learning curve, I trust my reviews and ramblings have been entertaining and enlightening!

Well it’s often said that we “suffer” for our art, and for this latest production I’m in, I’ve had to undergo a transformation of a rather radical nature.


A picture of me taken backstage recently

The hair stylists set to work

Letting the colouring do its thing - notice I'm reading a college book swot that I am!

Colour is looking good


Costume added, George Bernard Shaw is starting to take shape


In the dressing room today, some of this is needed and one final finishing touch

The beard is the finishing touch - transformation complete!


So there we go! The things we do for our art!

Rehearsals went well today, the Dress Rehearsal tomorrow then we open on Thursday!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday – Have Your Hair Coloured!

  1. Hello dom, i have found your blog at last! lol, it looks pretty good, am liking the beard section above! although am unsure about the title, ‘happy Birthday’???

  2. Jonathan,

    I take the chess player comment as a compliment.

    Andiie – it’s happy birthday as the blog is a year old, I was considering bringing a cake to rehearsals yesterday, but alas didn’t in the end.

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