Blooming Booking Fees


Booking fees have this effect on me!

Well a New Year beckons, and I was going to write a post looking back at 2010 and what I’m looking forward to in 2011.  However I’m not going to today, oh no! My goat has well and truly been got by blooming booking fees!

I’ve wondered before whether I should blog about booking fees, and after spending over an hour trying to book tickets to see The Wizard of Oz, I finally felt I should.

Firstly I find it unimaginable that in the 21st century you can’t book tickets for The Wizard of Oz online via their own website, their website directed me to call See Tickets. The staff I spoke to there were really helpful, but basically couldn’t help as the dates I wanted were sold out, or there were tickets available but another ticket agent had them! How can the main ticket agent for the show not have full access to all seats?

I was then advised that July would be the next availability for tickets in Royal Circle for a Saturday. Ok says I, can I book them? “No”, comes the reply, you’ll have to get them from – excuse me? Last minute? July is 7 months away!!

So off I go to Last Minute, book the tickets, only to have a £6.25 “booking fee” PER TICKET added, so I’m now forking out an extra £25, and for that I collect the tickets from the box office!

Screw that says I.

Off to Ticketmaster – who I knew would still charge a fee as they cleaned me out of £15 in July last year for booking fees to see Penn and Teller, for that I printed the tickets myself at home, so I’ve no idea how they thought they had “earned” their booking fee. Ticketmaster DID have a different booking fee – £7 PER TICKET!!! This is getting stupid I say!

Solution, I’ll just go to the Palladium and get tickets myself that way.

Not wanting to be defeated though I give it one more try online, I look up SeeTickets website. I manage to get tickets I want and NO BOOKING FEE!!!! WHOOOHAYY!

So the moral of my New Years tale, is to shop around. The next year is going to be tight financially for all of us, if more of us, refuse to pay these booking fees, at least they’ll either come down or the providers that don’t charge them will get more customers. How they think it’s an encouragement to people to go to the theatre charging those ludicrous fees is beyond me.

Have a great 2011!