Tired but Enjoying It (except for wearing a corset!)


Working hard backstage

Firstly, I must say a big “sorry” for not posting over these last ten days. A combination of new job, college assignment and rehearsals have got in the way.

As most regular readers (yes I do have such things at this blog) will be aware, I’m currently rehearsing for a musical, The Matchgirls. This is the first time I’ve been in a musical and I’m loving the challenges it’s bringing. I’ve always heard musical theatre performers say how hard it is, and having now had my own taste, I agree, they’re VERY hard work.

I’m only in two musical numbers, but that’s giving my brain more than enough to cope with. As ever though the rehearsal period is teaching me more about myself and theatre and that’s great. It’s also fab working with others that are into theatre and having conversations about all sorts of random theatrical things, such as Hamlet being a girly play, the works of Sarah Kane, The Railway Children and finding out what others like and dislike in this crazy theatrical world.

The females in the cast are having to wear corsets as that’s part of the period dress. A word of warning, if you’re a male, be EXTREMELY sympathetic to your female co-stars if they have to wear these weird things. I thought they were just moaning, so I got strapped in one today – OUCH!!!! How they can do a whole musical in one I’ve no idea! Kudos to the Matchgirls!

Me laced up in a corset, suffering for my art!

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