“If that’s 12 foot, we’re £$%@&* !!!”

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These folks have serious competition from us.

“In 2011, a crack team of theatrical technicians, actors and wannabe directors were sent to a small studio behind the Miller Centre Theatre for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from this maximum security stockade. They now reside in the Caterham underground. If you have a theatre that needs it’s set/scenery and chairs moving, and you can find them (and afford them), maybe you can hire the M Team…………”

Yes, forget your recent remake of the classic A Team, watch instead the hard graft that’s done at the Miller Centre theatre.

Tonight an intrepid team of us, helped changed it from a Proscenium arch theatre, to one with a major thrust, that almost makes it playing in the round. This involves lugging groups of chairs that are bolted together in two’s, three’s and the colossus that is the four seater. These are now surreptitiously hidden in strange locations around the theatre (TOP SECRET). Also assembling rakes for the chairs to go on and building the thrust stage.

As for comparisons to the A Team, it goes;

Vernon = Hannibal, at the end, he almost said “I love it when a plan comes together”

Me = “Howling Mad” Murdock, my witty comments and lack of fear from crawling under raked seats, must make me a contender for this role?

Daniel = Face, smooth talking, smart dressing, yet always lending a hand.

Graham = BA Barracas, “I ‘ain’t liftin no chairs you fool”, and the title from this post comes from him!

Becky = Amy, who showed she could match the men no problems.

Two others helped too,  Alister and Chris – Thanks for being part of the team too!

All in all a productive and fun evening, alas I forgot my camera, but I’ll try to get some pics up asap.

Thanks guys (and gal) for all your help, any theatrical production is the sum of its parts and The Miller Centre Theatre Company has some great parts. (most notably George Bernard Shaw in the next production!!) 😉

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