A Few Good Pictures and a Few Good Musings


As promised, here are some pictures (all pictures by Peter Whittle) from A Few Good Men, it’s the last night tonight 😦

Yes that’s me being beaten up and gagged up there!

It’s been a great run and  they’ve been a great bunch of guys (and 1 girl) to work with. I’m looking forward to working with them again in future productions. There are a few plays we’re interested in doing next season, so watch this space.

When I’ve not been treading the boards this last week, I’ve finished Micheal Billington’s State of the Nation, British Theatre Since 1945. This is a brilliant book, that I heartily recommend. He makes no bones about his political left leanings, but a bit of Thatcher bashing is always good! He gives a comprehensive overview of this period and brought to my attention a good few plays and playwrights I’d not heard of but will be reading soon. It’s well written and I think it’s essential reading for anyone interested in modern British Theatre.

The other book I’ve been reading this week and not quite yet finished is David Mamet’s new book Theatre. This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I’m going to do a complete review once I finish it, but Mamet’s observations and bluntness,cutting through a lot of the theatrical crap is a much need corrective. There are literally dozens of quotes I could post here but here are two of my favourite;

“No adult Londoner would go to see the Crown Jewels, and no adult New Yorker went to see Mama Mia! for to do so would have been culturally repugnant, branding him as a tourist or a dufus.”

“Stanislavski’s theoretical books are a lot of trash. They are unimplementable and thus, useless for the actor. His great gift was his recognition of Chekhov. And it is Chekhov’s plays that transformed acting.”

I’ll offer more comment on this work in a future post, while I don’t agree with everything he writes (the above two quotes, I certainly do though!), he certainly got me thinking. There were many occasions though where I nodded my head in approval while reading.

Well last night party to get ready for 🙂 TTFN

2 thoughts on “A Few Good Pictures and a Few Good Musings

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