Options for the year ahead


Several weeks ago I finished my module at college on The Director, earlier in March I had to select my option choices for the next academic year. They are;

  • Post War British and Irish playwriting
  • Theatre of the Absurd

Now I know what those of you’ve who’ve seen me performing are thinking – “Theatre of the Absurd should be easy for Dominick 😉 ” Why have I chosen these modules?  Well it’s partly practical and partly as they’re the ones that are most interesting to me.

The two periods overlap so it means, I’m studying two modules that compliment each other which in turns means less books to buy! Some of the books I am buying are also used in both the modules so that’s a bonus! Theatre of the Absurd is written and tutored by Dr Harry Derbyshire, who was my tutor for my first ever module and he’s great (and absurdism is his speciality) so I’m really looking forward to having his input again. It’s also an area I’m not that familiar with so it’ll be nice to be outside my comfort zone a bit.

Post War British and Irish playwriting, I’ve chosen because personally I think it’s really important to study this period as it brings us right up to the present day 21st Century playwrights and I know it’ll mean revisiting some great playwrights work (Osbourne, Bond, Churchill, Pinter, Beckett, Kane, Ravenhill). I also know it’ll bring to my attention other playwrights and their work that I’ve not come across yet, which is always exciting. It’s got a huge bibliography and I’m already making a start on my background reading,

I’m currently reading Michael Billington’s State of the Nation, British Theatre Since 1945, which is superb and is giving me a comprehensive overview of the period I’m about to study in more depth and has certainly wetted my appetite.

One of the other modules I could have done is The Actor and the Realist Tradition – which as it spent a lot of time on Stanislavski I chose to not do ; this clip shows what I think method acting is;


So as they progress I’ll let you know what I’m learning, liking and disagree with !

ps. The run of A Few Good Men has started well, I’ve ordered my disc of pictures and will share a few choice ones, as and when I get the disc.


4 thoughts on “Options for the year ahead

  1. Thanks for that!!! I thought the range of choices was great this year and having to pick only two was difficult. My courses would have been different the day before and after choices had been made.

    As for ‘The Actor and the Realist Tradition’… yes, I’m going there. That’ll be a lump of Stan the Man for another year, but I believe this my save me money on the book list!!!! Why would I ‘put myself through this again’? I used to think of my style as Stanislavskian but now believe in the ‘any skill/style as long as it creates what is intended in the best possible way’. For my teaching, directing and performance I wish to fully understand and experience Stanislavski.

    I really wish it was possible to have the study material for all the courses as that resource would be immense.

  2. I hope you enjoy post-war British and Irish. I did. I cheated on the second assignment, which did not need the two Irish units, so I gave myself plenty of time and kept the last 2 units for the summer.
    I’ve chosen Greek Tragedy for next year, and having met the tutor at The Weekend, I’m looking forward to it immensely. I’m about to play in The Merchant of Venice in a Greek/Roman theatre, which may or may not be a help.

  3. I am looking forward to being able to choose. Looking forward to T12 and T15 though. Especially as T14 starts with Mike Leigh and Abigail’s Party which is one of my favourites. My dream role to play has alwaysm been Beverly and now I am old enough to play it the play is a bit dated and not often done.

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