Bruised, battered, exhausted and this is a “small part”


Poster for the Play

Note to self ; should you ever be offered “just a small part”, ask to see the script before saying yes!

While the parts I’m playing in A Few Good Men are small from a dialogue point of view, I’m actually spending a huge amount of time on stage. I’m also helping with most of the stage transitions and moving the set etc. So I’ve got LOTS to do. No sitting in the dressing room waiting for my entrance and then retiring to put my feet up until the next scene.

The past week has been one of the most satisfying but draining of my life. I’ve been working my “day job” then going off to the theatre for rehearsals most nights. It’s quite a physical play and I literally have the bruises to show for it. We had a session with a military advisor on Monday night, which involved the cast being drilled around the car park, I felt like I was back in the cadet force.  I’ve come into the play quite late and so have had an enormous amount to take on board. I’m helped in the fact that another cast member who is also playing some of the other “bit parts” started at the same time and it’s him and I that are doing the scene changes. So we’re getting there together, it’s nice to have a “buddy” to double-check with.

Actually being involved with a production has been so helpful and has really made a huge amount of things I’ve learnt at college “click” into place. I have to read so many scripts but this has been a great reminder that I need to read them as though they were to be put on, not as pieces of literature.

The rest of the cast have been really welcoming and I’m really struck by the camaraderie that we have. It’s a play with only one female role so I feel a bit sorry for her being so out numbered. There’s a great range of ages and skill levels, I’ve learnt a huge amount about acting just by watching two of the cast in particular.

We have a long day tomorrow planned, we’re having a full tech rehearsal, where I can really nail the scene changes. Then we’re all going to be kited out in our costumes. These are genuine US Marine uniforms, I got my crew cut today and so feel being “booted and suited” tomorrow will really help us act the parts and get into the essence of the play much better, than doing it in our “civies” as it’s hard to take someone seriously as a toughened US Marine when they’re in a pink shirt!

We’re due to have some photos taken tomorrow, and will put some up on the blog as soon as I can.

Well I have tonight and then it’s “all about the play” for the next twelve nights solid!


4 thoughts on “Bruised, battered, exhausted and this is a “small part”

  1. Well, break a leg!
    I’ve also got a small part – the Duke in the Merchant of Venice, being put on in the Roman Theatre at Curium, in Cyprus. I’m not up to learning lines easily any longer, so I insisted on playing the Duke (about 20 lines) or nothing, since I had played it before, so I thought I might be able to remember them. Unfortunately the director wanted a quite different interpretation of the Duke’s character than I had previously had, so it was worse than having to learn it from scratch. I’m sitting with my back to the audience throughout, so no face acting needed, and my request for a hat has been granted so it isn’t only my bald spot that the audience will see.
    Anyone in Cyprus in mid June, do come.

  2. Go Joyon! If only I could wangle a theatre trip to Cyprus. I am going to see Dominick in his play on Thursday. My turn soon, I want to play.

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