Over the Rainbow – it’s not over yet


I’ve held off writing about BBC’s Over the Rainbow, but now feel it’s time to have a quick blog about it.

Much has been said and written about these shows, both positive and negative, I personally think they’re a good thing for the musical theatre industry and theatre in general. I also think they make great TV. This years show has had a few surprises, most notably that each week a different pair have been in the sing offs.

The choice of panel is rather interesting, I can understand Sheila Hancock and John Partridge but I’m not sure why Charlotte Church is there, I don’t feel she adds anything and her constant interruptions when John is being asked his opinion are annoying to say the least. I really like Sheila’s observations and John’s comments are always constructive (more so than John Barrowmans’s “Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic”!) The girls are really privileged to be getting such input this early in their careers.

I was genuinely saddened to see Stephanie leave this week as I thought she would be a contender for the semi if not the final. I’m sure she’ll continue training and will have several offers coming her way very soon. I look forward to seeing her in a production in the not too distant future in the West End.

In my view there are now three I feel could be Dorothy and one in particular;

Danielle, is Dorothy for me, I think she’s grown each week and for the last two weeks has given the performance of each Saturday night, last weeks was just brilliant. Each of the panelists agreed (for once!) that she gave the performance that most stood out on Sunday.

She has a great stage presence and poise that some of the others don’t have and her vocal and dance talents are up to West End standards despite her age. It’s up to the public vote and I sincerely hope she at least gets to the final, and ideally win it.

It’s a double elimination this weekend, so it will be exciting to see which two go, as long as it’s not Danielle, I’ll be happy!


2 thoughts on “Over the Rainbow – it’s not over yet

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