Study Weekend

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Well it’s only a day away, and I can’t wait. The annual gathering of the distance learning students at Rose Bruford College. I couldn’t make last years due to moving house, but am glad I can make this years.

We’ve got a great line up of lectures and workshops. The theme of this years weekend is the concept of Narrative.

The choices I’ve made are to attend the following;

Working with Translated Texts in Performance.

New Writing: How Narratives Work in Contemporary British Theatre

Study Surgery

I’m looking forward to these and also the combined sessions, most notably the Exploring the Ancient Chorus, as the more I read about Ancient Greek theatre the more I’m intrigued and interested in how it has effected the history, theology and political nature of our own society and theatre. In the past we’ve had a group perform for us on the Saturday evening, this year, we’re working together in the Saturday afternoon then performing in the evening ourselves, should be great fun.

The other thing I love about the study weekends is the fact that I know I’ll have a good hearty laugh on a good few occasions! (Brecht would be proud of the amount of Spass we have) It’s been great to meet up on an annual basis with some of the students that I keep in contact virtually the rest of the time. This year we’ll be missing one as she graduated in May last year – but that’s been great to see and she’s inspired a few of us to keep at it. It’s also always nice to meet new faces and students.

Distance learning can be a lonely experience, but the study weekend and study days help me to ground myself with others and realise there are a good few in the same situation, and also with the same passion for theatre as I.

See some of you there!


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