Assignment Options : Brecht and Boal


Well, my college assignment is looming and I had to make a decision on who to focus on for the question set for me.

This module has opened my eyes to numerous directors work, which has been fascinating and stimulating. However when I looked at the assignment question it asked me to select just two to focus on and their innovations in relation to their socio-political situations.

I whittled the list down to five potentials;

  • Bertolt Brecht
  • Ariane Mnouchkine
  • Robert Lepage
  • Augusto Boal
  • John McGrath

Each one has particularly struck and resonated with me during this module. Mnouchkine’s use of Commedia Dell’arte, John McGrath’s thoughts and battles against Thatcherism, and Robert Lepage’s vision and developments are simply astounding (I was fortunate to attend a lecture Robert Lepage gave at college a few years ago, it was some of the best teaching I’ve received)

However, after some thought, I chose Bertolt Brecht and Augusto Boal.

Brecht’s plays and thought’s have really “clicked” with me and have helped me to define my own thoughts and understanding on theatre. I like his sense of humor and know that studying him further for this assignment will stretch my own thoughts on theatre and life beyond my comfort zone.

Boal is similar, reading his material and having seen a couple of videos of him on You Tube, you can’t help but get inspired by his enthusiasm and passion for life. I’m reading his autobiography ” Hamlet and the Bakers Son”, and I’m regularly laughing out loud at his funny observations. Yet I’m all but too aware of the pain both physical and emotional he’s suffered for his art.

So as my research continues for this assignment I’m aware that my theatrical knowledge will grow and change , but in order to do justice to their thoughts and views, I myself must change too.


2 thoughts on “Assignment Options : Brecht and Boal

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