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Rosamund Pike as Hedda in the Bath Theatre Royals production

There seems to be a great selection of Ibsen plays on at the moment, good news for any Ibsenites like myself.

There’s a production of Ghosts on in the West End, Bath’s Theatre Royal has a production of Hedda Gabler on at present which will transfer to the West End soon and Sheffield’s Crucible re-opened last week with a production of An Enemy of the People.

Ibsen’s plays were powerful social comments in their day and continue to be so in our time. Sadly some of the issues he addressed 100+ years ago have yet to be fully dealt with in our 21st Century. It was said that

“any play by Ibsen became a battleground between conservative and reformist forces in the period”

It appears that this continues, I’m genuinely excited that I’m off to see the Theatre Royal Production of Hedda Gabler next week, as I’ve only seen The Dolls House (at the Theatre Royal Bath a couple of years ago). I studied Hedda for my assignment last year at college and look forward to seeing it on stage and seeing how Adrian Noble chooses to bring this play to life.

I highly recommend taking this opportunity to see some of Ibsen’s work on the stage, his plays and the messages they contain are needed today.


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