Funding pt 2


Following on from yesterdays post, I read a superb letter in the Evening Standard last night, I’ll quote the last paragraph;

“Subsidy gives us great art (which does indeed contribute to greater democratic freedom) and is repaid financially and aesthetically, so what’s the problem? Leave it to the market , and you get pickled sharks in tanks and stale musicals that play for decades.”

Says it all really.


5 thoughts on “Funding pt 2

  1. Hi Dominick interesting set of comments on subsidies and who wants to do what…Speaking as someone on the other side of the scale (All arts are subsidised here in Denmark) I have to point out that suffering and making sacrifices for your art is good…If producing is too easy you get lazy and the quality of your product declines.. A golden middle way would be best I reckon :O)
    Keep up the good work

  2. Hi Andrew,

    I’m not suggesting the Arts should be 100% funded by the state, for the reasons you list. As ever a good middle way is the ideal.

    I’ll suggest to your manager that you want to suffer for your art, so they can stop paying you 😉

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